Can We Help? Community Finder

Services & Government

There is a wide variety of community and government services available in Mandurah area available to residents, providing support, assistance and advice to all members of the Mandurah community. Inlcuded are:

  • Animal services
  • Business development groups
  • Community information
  • Counselling and crisis services
  • Crime prevention and public safety groups
  • Disability and seniors support
  • Emergency services
  • Employment, apprenticeships and training
  • Family and relationship support
  • Government department links
  • Justice of Peace lists
  • Legal advice and support groups
  • Multicultural and migrant groups and services and
  • Returned services support

If you belong to a communtiy service group or organisation and would like to have a listing on the Community Finder, please click the 'Interested in Joining?' link below and fill in the online form.