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Your Green Refuse Bin

The City of Mandurah provides a weekly domestic refuse collection service to residents.


The green 240 litre refuse wheelie bin is for your general domestic waste only i.e. food waste and packaging, non recyclables, nappies, plastic bags/garbage bags, broken household items that cannot be reused or fixed, textiles etc, food waste and garden waste.


Please note that the wheelie bins belong to the City, however, the resident is responsible for the general cleanliness of the bin. Any damage or stolen bins should be reported to the Customer Service Centre to arrange for repairs or replacement of the bin.


From Monday, 16 July 2012, the City’s Waste Alliance partner, Cleanaway will be re-routing the rubbish and recycling collection services. This may result in a change to your rubbish and/or recycling collection day. For more information on these changes click here.


Collection Times

The rubbish collections commence within the City at 6.00 am Monday to Friday. It is therefore very important that rubbish bins are placed out on the verge in the correct position before 6.00 am. It is preferable that bins are not left on the verge overnight so as to reduce the possibility of theft or vandalism. If you place your rubbish bin out late, there is no guarantee that the collection vehicle will return to your property to collect your bin.

Your rubbish bins should be returned to your property as soon as practicable after collection.


Rubbish Bin Guidelines

To get the best from your refuse collection service please follow these tips:

  • Store your bin in a shaded area
  • Clean your bin regularly using hot, soapy water
  • Wrap all moist and perishable foods in plastic bags or newspapers
  • Freeze all smelly food until the night before collection
  • Put lawn clippings on top to prevent jamming
  • AVOID placing heavy items in the bin such as large rocks and concrete. If the bin is too heavy (greater than 60 kg) it cannot be emptied. The driver will normally place a bright coloured sticker on the lid of bins that are too heavy for collection.
  • All items placed in the wheelie bin must fit loosely so that they will fall out when emptied into the collection vehicle. AVOID jamming items into your bin.
  • The bin should not be overfull. The lid on the bin should always fully close. DO NOT place excess rubbish in the bin so as to prevent the lid from closing.
  • Ensure that the bin is placed in a position visible to the collection truck driver and that access to the bin is not obstructed.

Please do not put the following items into your refuse bin:
Ash, concrete, bricks, solvents, chemicals, paint, oil or other liquids.


Holiday Pick Ups

Refuse and recycling collections occur as per normal including major public holidays like Christmas day and Good Friday. It is important that residents place their bins out for collection by 6.00 am, as our contractor, Transpacific Cleanaway have more trucks on the road during these public holidays to ensure that the collection is undertaken as quickly as possible. If a resident is late placing their bin out on these public holidays the bin will not be collected.


Landfill Facility

While the City has a Waste Management Centre in Meadow Springs, this facility acts as a waste transfer station only as all waste that enters the facility must be transported to landfill located outside the City of Mandurah. The current landfills used by the City include:

  • Dardanup: Transpacific Group Landfill