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Public Spaces Signage

Parks and Reserve Signage Manual

The City of Mandurah Parks and Reserve signage manual is to be used to include new park and reserve signs and removal and upgrade programs of existing signage.

The signage system includes directional, visitor orientation, management, regulatory, risk warning and hazard identification and interpretive signage. Collectively, the signs reflect the City’s corporate image and provide a uniform approach in terms of style, appearance, material and graphics.

The manual details planning and design requirements and construction specifications for each type of park and reserve sign. For your information or queries regarding new Park and Reserve Signs please contact the City’s Landscape Services section.

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Interpretive Sign Plates Style Guide

Interpretive signs are used to educate, inform and increase visitor awareness. The City of Mandurah Interpretive Sign Plates Style Guide has been produced as a reference when undertaking the design and layout of interpretive sign plates to be located in the City’s Parks and Reserves.

The interpretive Sign Plates Style Guide is to be used in conjunction with the City’s Park and Reserve Signage Manual. For more information please contact the City’s Landscape Services Section.

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