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Stalls, Raffles & Street Appeals


Street Stalls are generally held in the Smart Street Mall designated area or George Robinson Gardens in the CBD. If you wish to conduct a stall outside a particular shop (eg Woolworths) you must obtain their permission directly.

Only not-for-profit organisations may apply to hold a fundraising stall.

Commercial operators should direct their enquiries to council's Planning Department on 9550 3874.

For all stalls where food and drink will be available for sale to the public, an 'Application to Sell Food from Temporary Premise' form must be completed. For more information please visit the 'Public Health & Noise - Food' section on this website or contact  Health Services on (08) 9550 3746.


Raffles are to be located in the Smart Street Mall designated area or in George Robinson Gardens. If you wish to conduct a raffle outside a particular shop (eg Woolworths) you must obtain their permission directly.

Organisations wishing to conduct a raffle must prove they are a charitable organisation, and a permit may need to be obtained  through the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor on (08) 9425 1888 or visit

Any vehicles to be raffled in the Mall must have a mat/pad placed under the vehicle to absorb oil leaks. Any damage caused to the brick paving must be repaired by the user. Organisations wishing to raffle vehicles will need to contact Council's Operations Centre on (08) 9550 3296 to arrange to have bollards removed. 


Street Appeals

Organisations wishing to conduct an appeal must be considered a charitable organisation as described in the Charitable Collections Act 1946 or be a locally based community group involved in fundraising. Eligible organisations are allowed one (1) appeal per year.

Street Appeals are permitted upon approval and are to be contained in the designated area of the Smart Street Mall or George Robinson Gardens. To conduct an appeal outside of these boundaries, permission must be obtained from the land owner.  


Failure to comply with this location will result in instant termination of the permit on the day and future dates.

To Make A Booking

Firstly, it is important to call Economic Development on 9550 3202 to ensure your desired venue, date and time are available. Once this has been determined, complete a Stall/Raffle/Street Appeal Application form and return to: 

Economic Development

City of Mandurah
PO Box 210


No fees are charged for Stall/Raffle/Street Appeal Applications.