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Starting your business

New Businesses setting up in the City of Mandurah need to comply with Town Planning Scheme No 3. The Scheme 3 text determines how land may be used and developed.  This is primarily through the zoning of land and development standards.


Why do I need planning approval?

The purpose for applying for planning approval is to ensure that development:

  • Is an appropriate use on the property according to its zoning
  • has no detrimental impact upon a locality
  • has no adverse impact upon other landowners and occupants of adjacent properties

Check you precinct/zoning

Launch the Online Mapping for access to check zoning and development, aerial imagery,precinct plans, outline development plans (ODP),  detailed area plans, municipal heritage inventory.


Applying for Planning Approval

The City requires a completed Application Form to be submitted with any application for Planning Approval.  The application form outlines what information must be provided. Other written information that you feel would help in the consideration of the application should also be provided.


Building Permit Application

Building Services is responsible for the assessment and approval of building works within the City of Mandurah under the Building Act 2011.The City’s Building Services Section also provides a service for the issue of Certificate of Design Compliance. Further details on this service can be obtained by contacting the City’s Building Services section on 9550 3749


Advertising signs

If you are planning to display advertising signs for your business or home business, there are rules that apply and you may need approval from the City of Mandurah. Find out if your signs are permitted, and how to apply for approval.