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Street Trees

Street tree planting on public road verges within Mandurah is undertaken by the City of Mandurah in response to street tree requests by property owners and through programmed street tree planting. Street tree planting may also be undertaken by developers as part of subdivisional, commercial, industrial and residential developments. 

Managing existing street trees

The maintenance of trees located on the street verge adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the City and are only to be pruned or maintained by the City or the City’s approved contractors.

Street tree pruning is periodically undertaken by the City to ensure that trees located under overhead power lines are maintained to meet the clearances required from the power lines in accordance with Western Power requirements.

The City can be contacted should a tree require an inspection or to request maintenance should residents have concerns regarding the health, location or safety of a tree located on a street verge, street median or the City’s reserves.

Removal of street trees

The City does not support the removal of healthy, stable and viable street trees and will not consider the removal of trees for reasons that include the reduction of leaf litter or to improve or create views. Only trees that meet the City’s criteria regarding the health and safety of the tree will be considered by the City for removal.

Upon receipt of the completed the City’s officers will assess the tree/s requested to be removed and will advise the applicant of the outcome. It is generally expected that, where possible, should a resident be granted approval for a tree to be removed, a replacement tree will be required to be planted in its place or nearby location.

Request for new street trees

The City will provide street trees for the street verge adjacent to a property on request by the property owner. The owner is required to complete and submit the Street Tree Request form which can be accessed via the link on this page .

To establish a consistent streetscape, street tree species will be allocated by the City’s Landscape Services section in accordance with existing or intended street tree themes.

Neighbouring trees/trees on private properties

Issues relating to trees on private properties are a civil matter between adjoining property owners and do not generally involve local Councils in the first instance. The City of Mandurah will become involved only if it can be shown that the tree is in fact a danger to persons or property and that the ratepayers concerned have taken all reasonable steps to come to an amicable agreement.

The City’s 'Neighbouring Trees - Legal Implications' information sheet details the recommended procedure for property owners to follow with concerns and issues regarding neighbouring trees and branches or concerns for dangerous trees.