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Verge Collections

The City of Mandurah provides two green waste and one junk and metals verge collection to each residential property on an annual basis.


The verge collections are conducted by Council's waste contractor Cleanaway using specialised equipment including a rear collection vehicle and a small articulated loader.


Upcoming Verge Collections

The City advises residents of the upcoming verge collection through: 
  • Verge collection brochure - which is included with the annual Rates Notice
  • Advertisements in the local newspaper - generally two weeks prior to the start of verge collections
  • Signs erected on all major access roads to individual localities - one week prior to the collection starting
  • City's website.

Verge Collection Requirements

The verge collections are available to residential properties only. Please comply with the following verge collection requirements to ensure that your verge waste is removed on time.




Place your waste neatly on the verge no more than seven days prior to the scheduled start date for your area.

  • Place your waste on the verge by Monday 6.00am (including public holidays) on the scheduled start date for your area as the contractor will only check your verge once.
  • Allow five to seven working days for your collection.
  • Residents who have restricted verge access are requested to contact Waste Alliance for advice prior to the collection commencing in your area.


  • Obstruct the footpath, your normal bin services, or the line of sight of pedestrians, cyclists or cars, otherwise your waste will not be collected.
  • Place your waste inside your property line.
  • Place your waste on other verges, as it will not be collected from vacant properties or public reserves and may render you liable to a litter infringement notice.
  • Tie your green waste in bundles.

As verge collections are picked up by mechanical means, please DO NOT place your waste next to trees, power poles, walls, street signs, sprinklers or water meters (as these may be damaged).

Waste placed on the verge more than 10 days prior to the collection in your area, or after the truck has passed, may render you liable to a litter infringement notice.


Green Waste Verge Collection

The green waste collected from the verge collection is taken to the Waste Management Centre in Gordon Road, Meadow Springs and stockpiled. The green waste is shredded using a mobile horizontal grinder and the mulch is transported off-site for further processing. Mulch is not available for re-use to residents at the Waste Management Centre as the mulch may contain weed seeds and plant pathogens. The mulch needs to undergo further processing and treatment to eliminate these hazards and enable re-use.


Junk and Metals Verge Collection

The scrap metal collected from the verge collection is transported back to the Waste Management Centre where it is stockpiled and eventually transported off site to a metal recycling facility. The junk collected from the verge collection is loaded into a rear loading compaction vehicle and transported direct to landfill.