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Wildlife Carers / Relocators

Fur & Feathers
John & Lyn Frings
Ph (08) 9535 5342

Mandurah Wildlife Rescue
Reini & Dot Bos
Ph (08) 9586 3166

Wildlife Relocator
Alison Dixon
Ph 0401 314 701

WA Seabird Rescue
Ph 0418 952 683

Dolphin Rescue
Ph 0418 947 626 /
0407 090 284


Keith Spencer
Ph 0411 267 967 

Alison Dixon
Ph 0401 314 701


Wendy Jackson
Ph 0421 082 694


Dave Inwood (volunteer)
Ph 0437 989 732 



Local Government Rangers are city rangers, not park rangers, and therefore are not trained to capture wildlife. However, we do have a list of carers and relocators that are able to assist. Wildlife is managed by The Department Of Environment Conservation who have their own rangers:


Commonly asked questions received on a regular basis are...


What do I do if I see a dead kangaroo?                                                         

Report it to Ranger Services and arrangements will be made for its removal.

What if I find an injured kangaroo?

City of Mandurah Rangers can assess whether the kangaroo is able to be assisted medically or not. It may have a Joey in which case we will need to give it to a wildlife carer.

What do I do if I find a snake in my house or garden?

Ranger Services can provide you with contact details of a wildlife relocator that will happily assist. Please do not try to catch or kill the snake yourself. Many snake bites occur due to people attempting to kill the snake themselves. To assist the relocator, try to observe from a distance.

What if I have problems with bees ?

Do not upset or stir them. Leave them alone and call a professional.