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Serpentine River Action Plan

The Lower Serpentine River Action Plan is a localised strategy for the Serpentine River from Lake Goegrup to the river mouth in the local government authorities of the City of Mandurah and the Shire of Murray. It was developed by the City of Mandurah in partnership with the Shire of Murray, Department of Water, Department of Environment and Conservation and the Peel Harvey Catchment Council with the assistance of local botanist Marion Timms.

The process was to collect data and assess the status of the river foreshores on both the Shire of Murray and City of Mandurah’s sides which came to a total of 22kms of river bank. The river has been divided into 25 reaches (management areas) and each has been described and mapped individually. Each reach will present information on the following:
  • Issues and threats
  • Weeds.
  • Erosion.
  • Access (controlled-un-controlled).
  • Vestings, rehabilitation requirements.
  • Vegetation species lists.
  • Management recommendations.
  • Vegetation health and condition.
  • Foreshore condition, fencing status.
  • Habitat values and points of interest like drains.
  • Picnic locations and past works.

Please contact the City of Mandurah EcoServices team for more information.


Baffle Boards at Lower Serpentine River to help protect against erosion.
Baffle Boards at Lower Serpentine River to help protect against erosion.



What is a River Action Plan?

A River Action Plan is a working document that provides a record of river condition, an indicator of problem areas, a management guide and baseline data for future comparison. It is hoped it will also be a mechanism to improve local knowledge. It is not a legal document or statutory plan. The development of this plan has meant that on-ground works along the river can be prioritised.



implementation of lower serpentine river action plan

Implementation of the action plan has been ongoing since 2006 and includes weed control, bank stabilisation, access control and revegetation in strategic sites. Project sites have been located on City of Mandurah, Shire of Murray and Department of Environment and Conservation reserves. See the Projects page for more details.