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Our Mandurah Survey

Mandurah’s extensive waterways and pristine beaches are what the community likes most about our city, according to results from the recent 'Our Mandurah' community survey.

In addition to Mandurah's water-based lifestyle, the relaxed and friendly community also provides a strong reason to reside in Mandurah.

Conducted over a six-week period, the survey aimed to gain valuable insight into what is important to Mandurah's community, as well as how the community would like to be involved in shaping Mandurah’s future.


Survey Findings


The survey found that priorities for the future are:

  • Healthcare and medical facilities;
  • How Mandurah looks after its natural environment;
  • Effective public transport;
  • Providing new facilities that meet the community’s needs.

The community is most interested in decisions affecting their immediate surroundings, with particular interest in developments around the community spaces and places they use. The community is also strongly interested in the City’s future strategic priorities.

Responses indicated that the Mandurah community is generally satisfied with the level of communication around services and facilities provided by the City. However, our community wants greater involvement in strategic planning for the future, and also on decisions that affect their local area.

The survey also found that most people prefer to simply give feedback and present their choices to Council, rather than becoming actively involved in Council’s planning processes.

The findings provided clarity about what is important to the Mandurah community, and have been benchmarked against previous community survey results to determine areas of priority for the community, as well as the extent of involvement the community would like in different areas.


Looking Towards the Future


As a result of the survey findings, the City is currently developing a Community Engagement Strategy, and will be utilising new community engagement tools in 2012, to actively involve the Mandurah community.

The Our Mandurah survey has also highlighted opportunities for the City to actively engage with the community in the lead-up to Council’s 10-Year Strategic Community Plan, which is due to be implemented this year.

The City of Mandurah is encouraging the Mandurah community to get involved in the Strategic Community Plan, and to have their say on the future of Mandurah.