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Forms and Information Sheets

Application Forms

Most relevant application forms relating to construction works under the Building Act 2011 are now issued by the Building Commission. The Commission’s site also includes information on how to complete the relevant forms. To ensure that the most up to date forms are used, you can access the complete list of forms from the Building Commission.


The list below describes the various application forms that you can download from the Commission's website.  

Form Description
BA01     Application for Building Permit Certified
BA02 Application for Building Permit Uncertified
BA05 Application for Demolition Permit
BA09 Application for Occupancy Permit
BA11 Application for Occupancy Permit Strata
BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate
Application for Building Approval Certificate Strata


The City’s Building Services Section also provides a service for the issue of Certificate of Design Compliance. Further details on this service can be obtained by contacting the City’s Building Services section. The relevant application form is available below:

Other application forms that may be relevant to your application: