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How to Save Water

Being water efficient inside and outside you home has never been more important.

In southern Western Australia, water resources are under pressure due to reduced rainfall, increased population and other factors. With the current pressure on Western Australia’s water resources, it’s time for us all to do our bit to protect and maintain them.


In the home

In the typical house, the use of showers, clothes washing machines and toilets can consume more than three quarters of all indoor water use. In the majority of homes, all of this quality drinking water is used once then goes to the sewer. There are now simple, low cost ways of reducing this water use while saving on your water costs.

Consider the following to reduce water use in the home:
  • A home can be cooled in summer using good orientation, window shading, natural ventilation and fans. This could remove the need for an air conditioner, particularly evaporative, where large amounts of water are used.
  • All new houses must adhere to the criteria of 5 Star Plus for water efficiency, but the guidelines can also be used when renovating to help create a more waterwise home.
  • Install flow control aerators on taps. They are inexpensive and can reduce water flow by 50 per cent.

In the garden

A database is now available through the Water Corporation website to assists in choosing waterwise plants for Perth which is a great tool to use when designing gardens. Gardens by the sea represent a special case, due to poor soil and strong winds which create a microclimate that is destructive and difficult for most plants. Look for hard leaf plants that can handle sand and wind. Often grey or silver leaf plants manage well as they can reflect the heat away.
The Water Corporation has made it easier for you to make the right plant selections.
Their website has a section called Waterwise Plants for Perth Gardens and has a printable brochure which provides techniques for setting up beautiful gardens that won’t be a drain on water resources.
Consider the following to reduce water use in the garden:
  • Don’t use drinking quality water to water your garden.
  • Use recycled water from showers and clothes washing machines (grey water).
  • Use covers on swimming pools and spas, to reduce evaporation. Evaporation can remove more water from a pool per year than toilet use in a home.


Greywater is water produced from the laundry and bathroom. Greywater reuse systems recycle water produced inside homes and buildings for irrigation of gardens. The City of Mandurah uses greywater for irrigation at the Sustainable Mandurah Home and the Lakelands Community Home.

For information on greywater use and systems visit the Department of Health website at  

For waterwise tips see the Water Corporation website at and follow the “Being Waterwise” links.


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Waterwise Gardens at the Sustainable Mandurah Home
Waterwise Gardens at the Sustainable Mandurah Home