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Land was originally reserved for a town site named "Peel" on the west side of the entrance to Peel Inlet in July 1831 but no development took place and most early settlers took up residence on the east shore. Mandjoogoordap is the original name for Mandurah, pronounced Man - joo - goorrd - daap. Thomas Peel could not say the long version so apparently he said to the Noongars that he was going to change it or shorten it. The name is believed to be derived from the word "Mandjar", meaning "trading place". Early settlers were Peel, Littleton and Creery and Thomas Peel named his residence "Mandurah House".

Samuel Renfrey Reserve: Situated between Rockford and Allnutt Streets, Mandurah. This name was submitted by the City of Mandurah after the late Samuel Renfrey a resident and local identity during the twentieth century. He was a keen sportsman known for his cycling who started the tennis courts and was involved in early horse racing.

Sam Renfrey was one of the early local fisherman in the Peel Region from the days fishermen rowed the estuary. His son, Lionel Renfrey recalls that his father used to take out fishing parties “when he got older he used to have the Canopus and he used to take parties out, most of the heads of state like Sir James Mitchell and doctors and things like that and he had a big camp on Creery’s Island…” (also known as Sam Renfrey’s Island).

Rushton Park: Named after former Local Government Commissioner, Mr Richard Rushton, who managed the local government affairs of the Mandurah district during the1950s. This department of Land and Surveys was informed of the name being in local use by the Mandurah Tourist Bureau in April 1972. The name was approved on May 22nd 1972. Originally gazetted as a sanitary site on August 20th 1926. In September 1958, the purpose was changed to recreation and the reserve vested in the Mandurah Road Board. The reserve is now an extensive sporting complex situated at the corner of Cooper and Dower streets, Mandurah.