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The City of Mandurah has ten Bushcare groups consisting of volunteers from the community involved in a variety of activities for particular bush reserves, with the aim of protecting and restoring the reserves’ conservation values in the City of Mandurah.

Bushcare started from local community members wanting to create opportunities for the residents to participate in regular environmental activities. Bushcare volunteers provide an important resource in assisting local government to achieve improved environmental outcomes. They contribute in on-ground works and often spend significant amounts of time each week, month and year working towards environmental goals

Groups of like-minded people with the desire to conserve protect and promote Bushcare within the City of Mandurah help raise the community’s appreciation for their natural environment.


Bushcare Images
Bushcare Images

What do Bushcare Groups do?

Bushcare groups are known as 'Friends of ...' groups. The City of Mandurah has 10 'Friends of ' groups covering most of Mandurah's bushland. The ongoing success of the Bushcare groups is due to each group’s dedication, vision and exceptional leadership. The groups continue to recruit new members and encourage current members through hands on environmental rehabilitation activities like seed collecting and planting days. Please see the Related Documents section below for further information.

Why should I become involved?

You can help to offset greenhouse gas emissions, combating salinity, reducing soil erosion, cleaning underground water systems and providing habitat for wildlife by participating in any planting, brushing and cleanup days and many more projects. You can make a difference by:  

  • Participating in on-ground Bushcare activities.          
  • Meeting like-minded people who share a common interest.          
  • Enjoying the beauty of your bushland.         
  • Learning more about local fauna and flora.          
  • Promoting community awareness of appropriate environmental practices.          
  • Re-establishing environmental values.

What can I do to help?

You can help by joining a 'Friends of...' group. For further information please see the Related Documents section below.

  1. Friends of Island Point Reserve
  2. Friends of Marlee Reserve
  3. Friends of Reserve 860
  4. Friends of Janis Street Reserve
  5. Friends of Beacham Reserve
  6. Friends of Dawesville Reserve
  7. Friends of Tindale Reserve
  8. Friends of Serpentine River
  9. Friends of Lake Clifton
  10. Friends of Paraguay

How do Bushcare Groups operate?

Bushcare groups are supported by the City's Community Landcare Officer.  The Landcare Officer helps to establish Groups and oversees the operational, administration and technical services. The on-ground works programs are coordinated by the City's Bushland Conservation Coordinator in conjunction with the Landcare Officer.

Bush Walks

For more information about walk trails in Mandurah's Bushland Reserves visit the TravelSmart guide in Related Documents.

How can I join a Friends of Group?

You can join a Bushcare Group by;

  • Picking up a free Bushcare membership form from the Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, City Administration Office, Rangers office, or contact the City's EcoServices team. Tick which group you want to join and return the reply paid slip to the City, or
  • Completing a membership form which can be found in the Coastcare page under online membership form.

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