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Doing Business

Doing Business in Mandurah


The City of Mandurah Administration building will be closed from 12pm Thursday, 24 December and will re-open again at 8:30am on Monday, 4 January, urgent queries phone 9550 3777.


A unique opportunity is now available to invest in a vibrant, dynamic and progressive city fully focused in the future. As one of the fastest growing business and residential regions in Western Australia, Mandurah is committed to the continual growth and prosperity of all aspects of the community.


The potential investment opportunities are supported by:

  • modern and unique infrastructure
  • close proximity to the metropolitan area
  • workforce availably and workforce lifestyle
  • current and future investment plans
  • business support

The City of Mandurah covers an area of 173.5km, with 3,000 new residents each year over the past five years. It is now home to more than 80,000 people and is the largest fastest growing regional centre in Western Australia.


Mandurah’s economy is currently characterised by a high concentration of population-driven industries such as retail and construction. While the City of Mandurah continues to support these activities, it is committed to a long term strategy to provide for a more sustainable form of growth through economic development.

Economic development involves increasing the productive capacity of communities, with one of the measures being the growth of income per person.  It is also about ensuring employment self-sufficiency and giving the community employment quality and choice.


The City aims to facilitate sustained growth beyond current population-driven expansion. This will be acheived through a focused approach on key development drivers. In collaboration with other government and private sector stakeholders, we are designing and implementing a range of initiatives to increase productivity in existing sectors and support diversification of the Peel Region’s economic base.


If you are thinking of starting a business in Mandurah or you already have a business in Mandurah and would like more information on business networks, statistics or business support services please contact us today.