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Adopt-a-Beach Kits


The City of Mandurah's Adopt-a-Beach kit and Marine Community Monitoring Manual aims to:

  • Promote awareness of the values and threats of marine and coastal environments.
  • Take ownership of marine and costal environments through education and participation.
  • Provide schools and community groups with hands on coastal projects.
The Adopt-a-Beach kit is divided into five units and provides opportunities for schools and community groups to become actively involved in understanding local coastal environments and participating in activities that will build long term understanding of the changes occurring along our beaches.
  • Unit 1: Values – intrinsic and biological values of the coastline
  • Unit 2: Features – geology, climate, currents and littoral drift
  • Unit 3: Threats and Actions – what threatens the coastline
  • Unit 4: Activities – hands on monitoring and survey activities
  • Unit 5: Marine Community Monitoring Manual – An early warning system for detecting change in the marine environment.
The Adopt-a-Beach kit and Marine Community Monitoring Manual include resources and information for teachers and students to use in the classroom and during an excursion.


The activities are designed in booklet format for Upper Primary, Secondary Schools and Community Groups and are available for use as printable booklets. This education booklet and the support of the City’s Community Landcare Officer can assist teachers to promote Coastcare and Marine Community Monitoring activities along our beaches.