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Climate Change

The City of Mandurah acknowledges that climate change is one of the greatest economic, social, and environmental challenges of this century and as the closest level of government to the community, is committed to proving a leadership role in driving and sustaining action on climate change.


Climate change refers to a shift in the global climate due to increases in the average temperature on Earth. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that most of the observed temperature increases that have occurred since the middle of the twentieth century are the result of increased concentrations of greenhouse gases from human activities.


What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a hot topic and there are so many different opinions that it can be difficult to understand what really is occurring.

To ensure our community has easy access to accurate, easy-to-understand information surrounding climate change the City of Mandurah has developed an e-book 'Shaping Local Solutions: Mandurah’s Response to Climate Change.' This easy-to-read ebrochure sheds light on the process and impacts of climate change. It also provides handy tips for reducing your greenhouse emissions to assist in the prevention of further changes in climate.

If you require a copy of the eBook in an alternate format please email




Approaches to Climate Change

There are two main management approaches to climate change: ‘adaptation’ and ‘mitigation’. Adaptation involves identifying the inevitable risks of climate change and developing measures to adjust and adapt to these impacts to reduce our vulnerability.


Mitigation involves identifying the causes of climate change and addressing these, to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the associated impacts of climate change. Mitigation also involves enhancing the sinks of greenhouse gases to reduce the extent of global warming.


The City of Mandurah has developed both mitigation (greenhouse gas reduction) and adaption strategies to take action on climate change.



Climate Change - Development
Climate Change - Development