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Committee Memberships and Terms of Reference



The membership of the Joint Committee comprises of all 13 Elected Members:

Cr Schumacher Cr Rodgers Cr Pember Marina Vergone Dep Mayor Cr Lee
(Town Ward) (East Ward) (Coastal Ward) Mayor (East Ward)
Cr Wortley Cr Knight Hon Cr Riebeling Cr Jones Cr Jackson
(North Ward)  (North Ward) (Coastal Ward) (East Ward) (North Ward)



Cr Field Cr Lawson Cr Rogers
(Town Ward) (Coastal Ward) (Town Ward)





All matters dealing with:


Economic Development               Community Development            Sustainable Development
Corporate Governance               Works and Services Business & Corporate Planning                         




Membership: Planning, Community Development and Sustainability Committee

Cr Schumacher Cr Lee    Cr Knight
(Town Ward) (East Ward)             (North Ward)




 Cr Pember Cr Lawson  Cr Wortley Cr Jones
(Coastal Ward) (Coastal Ward) (North Ward) (East Ward)

Powers and Duties: Planning, Community Development and Sustainability Committee

All matters dealing with:

Economic Development       Community Development

Sustainable Development

Regional Development


Community Development & Services


       Building Control



Libraries / Learning Communities


       Environmental Health

Business Development


Arts & Culture


       Sustainability & Environment

Southern City Strategy


Recreation Centres & Services


       Rangers & Emergency Services





       Statutory & Strategic Town Planning


Membership: Governance and Infrastructure Committee

 Chairman -
 Cr Lynn Rodgers
 (East Ward)  
Mayor Vergone Hon Cr Riebeling Cr Field Cr Peter Rogers Cr Jackson
(Coastal Ward) (Town Ward) (Town Ward) (North Ward)



Powers and Duties: Governance and Infrastructure Committee

All matters dealing with:

Corporate Governance                                  Works & Services             Business & Corporate Planning
Budget Management                                   Road Safety            Business Plans
Strategic Planning             Waste Management            Financial Plans
Governance & Code of Conduct                 Mandurah Ocean Marina            City Property / Acquisition
Government Relations             Engineering & Works            Land Management Issues
Organisational Development             Reserves, Parks & Gardens                Plan for the Future
Information Management / ICT             Infrastructure Management            Capital Works Plan
Legislation & Local Laws             Asset Management            Revenue & Funding Innovations
Tenders & Contracts             Council Building Projects      
Marketing & Promotion             Council Building Maintenance
Customer Services      
Community Relations & Consultation