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Trees For Wildlife

Private residential gardens make up a large proportion of the City’s land area and are becoming increasingly recognised as important refuges for displaced native fauna. Gardens provide food and shelter for resident fauna and create ‘stepping stones’ which allow more mobile species to navigate the urban environment from one area of bushland to another.

There are huge benefits of retaining large trees when establishing or renovating home gardens. By retaining and/or planting native trees and shrubs, it is possible for gardeners to attract a variety of native animals into their gardens and assist in the conservation of less resilient species, such as Black Cockatoos, owls and raptors; which require large areas of vegetation to effectively forage or hunt.

In addition to benefiting local fauna, established trees contribute substantially to the reduction of the urban heat-island effect and protect homes from harsh summer sun. This minimises the need for air conditioning, reducing energy costs and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

Urban trees are a long term investment in the health and wellbeing in the community, requiring between 15-20 years to mature. The earlier trees can be planted and the greater the investment in planting site preparation, the sooner the benefits will be reaped, creating attractive and inviting streets and neighbourhoods.

The City’s Significant Tree register shows examples of well-grown, mature specimens and demonstrates how tree planting can benefit the wider community and contribute to the culture and history of the City (click here to visit Significant Tree Register).

The Trees for Wildlife information sheets (below) developed by the City of Mandurah, provides information about a number of different native tree species and their benefits to wildlife.


Acacia  Saligna    Agonis Flexuosa Allocasuarina fraseriana  Banksia attenuata Banksia grandis
Banksia hookeriana  Banksia iliciflolia Banksia integrifolia Banksia littoralis Banksia menziesii
Banksia praemorsa Banksia prionotes Banksia sessilis

 Callistemon viminalis

Callitris preissii
Carya illnoinensis Casuarina obesa Corymbia calophylla Corymbia citriodora Corymbia ficifolia
Corymbia maculate Eucalyptus caesia Eucalyptus erythrocorys Eucalyptus gomphocephala Eucalyptus marginata
Eucalyptus pleurocarpa Eucalyptus preissiana

Eucalyptus todtiana

Grevillea olivacea Grevillia robusta
Hakea Laurina Hakea lissocarapha Hakea prostrata Hakea trifurcata Liquidambar styraciflua
Macadamia integrifolia Melia azedarach Pinus pinea Protea Compacta susannae Protea repens 
Prunus dulcis