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From the Studio to the Sea - Dorothy Newland

June 24 - July 22


After completing an Education Degree in which she majored in art (1980), and an Arts Degree in Visual Arts (1996), Dorothy Newland has continued her arts practice with an emphasis in oil painting. Her chief interest centers on landscape, atmospheres and natural phenomenon; her intention is always to explore new and varied ways to evoke a feeling of recognition of place or state by association and analogy, rather than define them by literal representation.

Since coming to Mandurah, Dorothy has been observing the numerous waterways surrounding the area, and the weather conditions that change the appearance of the estuary, sea and skies daily, sometimes hourly. Many of the paintings in this new series reflect these changes. Occasionally Dorothy paints still-life as it is still and solid, contrasting with those fleeting aspects of water and atmospheres.

But in whatever she is painting, her concern is with the formal properties of paint - colour, space, viscosity and luminosity, and the way the paint is applied to the canvas, all of which are as important to her works as the ideas behind them. Dorothy's deliberate combining of pictorial abstractness with natural reference allows the viewer to find his/her own interpretation of the subject matter. So while her paintings of the waterways might at first appear to be abstract, they hint at all of the things we associate with water: reflections, skies ,seas, rivers, rocks, reeds, clouds, waves. And by contrast, the solidity of the still-lifes have a sculptural quality achieved by the use of thick, impasto paint. 

Image top right:

Estuary Sundown, Oil on Canvas, 122cm x 122cm