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Bushland Protection

The City of Mandurah contains large areas of intact remnant natural bushland. The vegetation within the City varies widely, from mixed Banksia and Eucalypt woodland, to riparian Melaleuca and Casuarina woodlands, through to diverse coastal heath. These areas are home to a host of bird and animal species, such as the endangered Carnaby’s White-Tailed Black Cockatoo and Western Ring-Tailed Possum as well as supporting myriad native wildflowers, including the highly endangered Caladenia huegelii, the Grand Spider Orchid.

The City of Mandurah is committed to managing our bushland and conserving and protecting our biodiversity. The City facilitates this commitment through the provision of several projects where the community can actively participate in the rehabilitation and restoration of bushland areas.  The City has also undertaken the introduction of a Bushland Protection Strategy.

The City has an on-ground CityParks Bushland Team consisting of five staff, two full time Bushland Officers, two Bushland trainees, and a Bushland Conservation Coordinator who supervises the works. The team is responsible for planning, maintenance and rehabilitation in over 70 bushland reserves and coastal areas and assists in estuary and river restoration. The work is assisted by community groups such as GreenCorps and other City of Mandurah departments.

We have 10 Bushcare Groups, consisting of volunteers from the community involved in a variety of activities within the City’s reserves, with the aim of protecting and restoring the biodiversity and conservation values.

Also, in place is a Bushland Protection Strategy created to conserve areas of remnant bushland within the City under threat from urbanisation for the joint benefit of the environment and Mandurah community.