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Sun, Sand & Surf (Beach Safety)

The City of Mandurah's Sun, Sand & Surf coastal safety education booklet aims to:
  • Promote the conservation values of the marine and coastal environments along our coastline.
  • Raise awareness of the dangers in these environments and learn to manage them effectively.
  • Engender a value of personal responsibility to look after one’s welfare and safety when at the beach.
The education booklet is divided into five units and is designed to enable students to understand the importance of managing coastal safety and conservation in urban coastline areas:
  • Unit 1: South-western Coastal Shore – introduction to the conservation values of southern coastal shores.
  • Unit 2: Reefs, Rocks and Cliffs – identifying the risks in fishing, snorkelling and walking on limestone reef shoreline areas and what measures can be taken to minimise the risks.
  • Unit 3: Sun, Sand and surf – recognising unsafe places at the beach and identifying what actions can be taken to minimise the risk of receiving injuries.
  • Unit 4: Bites, Stings and Cuts – through demonstration and practice introduce first aid, for a range of injuries.
  • Unit 5: Coastal Safety – revision activity of the content covered in the preceding units.

The Sun, Sand and Surf coastal safety education booklet includes resources and information for teachers and students to use in the classroom and during an excursion.


This education booklet and the support of the City’s Community Landcare Officer can assist teachers to promote coastcare and coastal safety along our beaches.


Sun, Sand & Surf (Beach Safety) Program
Sun, Sand & Surf (Beach Safety) Program