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Landscape Services

Landscape Development

The City’s Landscape Services Section is responsible for the planning and design for upgrades to public open space areas including parks, reserves, foreshores, access ways, streetscapes and building surrounds undertaken through the City’s annual capital works program.

Landscape Services is also responsible for the assessment and approval of landscaping associated with proposed subdivision, residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Landscape Development page
Landscape Development page

Information for property owners


Street verge development

The verge is the area of land that lies between the road edge and the property boundary that is set aside for public utilities, including gas and water, paths and street trees.

The street verge is part of the road reserve and is land that is not owned by any one person or organisation. The City is responsible for controlling the development of street verges, the provision and maintenance of street trees and verge maintenance adjacent to the City’s parks and reserves.

Property owners are responsible for the care and maintenance of the verge adjacent to their property and the City encourages property owners to develop and maintain the street verge within the guidelines of the City’s Local Laws.

Street trees

Street tree planting on public road verges within Mandurah is undertaken by the City of Mandurah in response to street tree requests by property owners and through programmed street tree planting. Street tree planting may also be undertaken by developers as part of subdivisional, commercial, industrial and residential developments.


Information for developers


Commercial, industrial and group dwelling development

Where required as a condition of planning approval, landscape plans are to be prepared and submitted to the City of Mandurah for assessment and approval prior to the issue of a building licence for the development. Landscape plans are to address any specific development approval conditions and must meet the City’s requirements for assessment. 


Subdivisional Development


Public open space

Where required as a condition of subdivision, or where agreed by the City and the developer, public open space (POS) areas, or other recreation reserves within the development, are to be provided in accordance with the City’s requirements.

Well located and designed public open space can enhance local amenity, promote a sense of place, encourage activity and contribute to the local environment. The development of public open space needs to provide for the needs of the community while being sensitive to local landscape character and existing site conditions.

For further information on the process for the development of public open space in new subdivisions, contact the City's Landscape Services Section on 9550 3852.

Street trees

Where required as a condition of subdivision, the developer is to prepare and implement a street tree master plan for all streets within the development to the satisfaction of the City of Mandurah. The master plan will be used to guide future street tree planting programs to ensure a uniform approach to street tree planting, consistent with intended local landscape character of the area.