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Ashes & Plaques


Families wishing to inter ashes can do so in either a ground niche site (Grevillea Court) or wall niche site (Eucalypt Wall). You can choose from single or double sites, and an adjacent site can be reserved for future interments. A Pre-Need application form must be completed and applicable fees paid to do this.

Sites can be chosen by the family or a Cemetery Officer can nominate a site. Ashes can be collected from the funeral home by our cemetery staff or kept on our premises in a safe location prior to placement. An appointment must be made with a Cemetery Officer to make placement arrangements and order the plaque as the plaque is needed to complete the interment of ashes.

Friends and family are welcome to attend the placement of the ashes. However, additional fees are incurred if the placement is to occur on a weekend, public holiday, or if you wish to nominate the placement time (free if Cemetery Officers nominate a time).



Approval will only be granted for memorial plaques made of admiralty bronze to be placed at the Lakes Lawn Public Cemetery.

Families wishing to arrange for the placement of bronze plaques on either a grave site, niche wall or for a ground niche can do so by arranging an appointment with one of the Cemetery Officers. Officers are available to discuss the standard sizes (City of Mandurah consolidated Local Laws, Part VII, Division 8, Section 7.8.1) and types of plaques available, provide quotations and arrange the ordering of the plaque. Information packs are available from the City's Administration Centre or can be downloaded from this page. 


Niche Wall
Niche Wall