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Employee Profiles


Alisha - Physical Activity Officer


I first started working for the City of Mandurah after completing a week of work experience in reception at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre, and then worked casually for two years while in high school. I have now worked in local government for over 13 years and have studied part-time, including Cert III in Small Business Management, Cert IV in Business Management and Cert IV in Sport (Development).

I love my job because I am able to work with a whole variety of people who are able to experience new activities, test their personal limits and meet new people while having a great time. The feedback from participants is extremely rewarding and the support from the City to run new programs and develop the position while furthering myself personally has been fantastic.


Julia - Gym Instructor


I advise and instruct customers about the correct use of our gym equipment, as required. I also offer advice about suitable exercises for individuals.


I like being a team member of our busy recreation centres - there’s so much variety in the activities on offer.


Brooke - Bushland Conservation Coordinator

The role of Bushland Conservation Coordinator involves planning and organising works for the CityParks Bushland Team, including maintenance and rehabilitation in over 70 bushland reserves, and recently, coastal areas, and assists in estuary and river restoration. This also requires coordinating with contractors, community groups and Greencorps to ensure high standard of works. These works include: revegetation with native species, weed control, fence maintenance, seed collecting, monitoring, mapping and environmental education.

There are many things I enjoy about my role within the City of Mandurah, but the two that stand out for me would be the variety of work and learning opportunities, and the fact that I have two offices – one inside and the one I prefer, the natural environment.

Lea - Team Leader Road Maintenance

          I am a team leader in the road maintenance crew and have worked at the City of Mandurah for six months. Prior to this I spent two years at home as a carer for a seriously ill family member. The previous seven years were spent doing road maintenance in Port Hedland. My work at the City of Mandurah involves: responding to customer requests for road maintenance, checking the roads by section and knowing enough about road maintenance to be able to monitor which streets or areas are due for some extra attention.

The people are really good and everybody has been really responsive to me. I enjoy the work even though it is quite heavy. I prefer to be kept very busy and I am happy that I am able to look for maintenance that needs doing rather than cruising around waiting for instructions. I also like the fact that you get cooperation and support from other crews. I really like it when the work that I do has a positive impact on the community that is going to last. Another thing that I like about working at the City of Mandurah is the Blueprint Program. The best part about this has been the Change Group. This group has given the Operations Staff a chance to have their say and provides a record which proves that we are being listened to and not being ignored which helps to achieve a safe and happy workplace.

Matt - Cadet Engineering Technical Officer


I commenced with the City of Mandurah in April 2007. Since then I have completed my Certificate III in Drafting (Civil/Structural Engineering) and I am now working towards a Diploma in Drafting (Civil/Structural Engineering). In the future I would like to work towards an Advanced Diploma in Drafting.

I am starting to get a well rounded knowledge of road design, drainage design, car parks and pedestrian access. Previously I have worked in Asset Management and Surveying. Being part of the Design Team enables me to liaise with Main Roads, Mandurah Traffic Police and Mandurah residents.

Some great things about working for the City of Mandurah is working a 19 day month, the ability to gather and use local knowledge, my TAFE fees are paid for and I can purchase a subsidised gym membership.


Fiona - Manager Planning & Services


I have worked in the planning field within both central and local government for nearly twenty years, in the UK and Australia. I started work with the City of Mandurah in 2008 with the anticipation of progressing my career but also bringing my previous experience to a city experiencing significant growth.

I am employed in the role of Manager for Planning Services and manage two teams of statutory and strategic planners. The work is challenging and varied, and allows for a significant level of cross-Council consultation and interaction. In addition, I am able to learn from my team who range from Cadet Planners to those with significant local experience.

Having relocated from overseas to take up the position, I have been genuinely welcomed and the support and contact in between accepting and starting in the role was something I had not experienced in any previous employment. There is a genuine interest in the individual, and in the culture with the emphasis on the creation of great teams starting with a responsive leadership. There is a strong emphasis on lifelong learning with a number of courses offered internally, but with the opportunity to pursue further external study and qualifications. In addition, flexible working is promoted to ensure the optimum work life balance is achieved.


Aaron - Town Planner


I am employed as a Town Planner with the City of Mandurah and have worked here since February 2007. I am a mature age student who at 35 years of age started university study and I am currently progressing towards a degree in Sustainable Development and Planning. Once I had enrolled at university I contacted the City of Mandurah to be considered for any work experience and I was lucky enough to be offered a cadetship through the Planning Department. With my cadetship I was given the opportunity to do as many hours as I could while studying at university. This gave me a steady income with the flexibility to continue my studies. In addition I had some of my tuition costs taken care of with study assistance which is a great help.


Working in an organisation such as the City of Mandurah allows for a great lifestyle through the flexible working arrangements and working here in the industry while studying exposes me to issues and applications I would never otherwise see.


Dave - Systems Support Officer


I’ve been employed at the City of Mandurah for the past five years as the Systems Support Officer. It’s given me the perfect opportunity to develop myself as an integral part of a strong support team with access to an array of high-end systems and services. Working in Information Technology is my passion, using cutting edge technology and in a demanding and ever-changing environment I keep up to date in the industry. I started with the City finishing a full-time TAFE course (Certificate III in IT Software Applications) and completed a traineeship for a Certificate IV in Network Management under the role of Trainee Helpdesk Officer.

The best aspects of working for the City are the great flexibility in hours and the training that is available.