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When can I burn?


Fire Control


All seasonal fire permits issued in 2015 are cancelled from the 17th November. Please ensure all burning is completed by this date.


Firebreaks and fire prevention measures

Fire prevention measures must be completed and all properties (including residential, commercial, industrial and vacant land) cleared of fire hazards on or before 17 November to reduce the risk of fires during the bushfire season.

Properties must remain free of hazard and maintained until 31 May.

Properties with a land area of less than 2023sqm are required to remove all flammable material (except living trees) by means of spraying, ploughing, cultivating followed by slashing to ground level. Properties with land area greater than 2032sqm are required to install and maintain a 4m wide mineral earth firebreak with a height clearance of 4.2m.

More information can be found on the first and final

Bush Fire Notice


The City of Mandurah advises property owners each year by way of advertising in the local newspaper, website and mailing of the bush fire notice either with the annual rate notices or separately. Property owners who do not comply may be fined a minimum of $250.00 and required to meet Council’s cost to ensure the property is fire safe.

City of Mandurah Rangers and contractors commence property inspections November 18 each year to ensure they comply.

Advice on how to protect your home and when, what and how to burn is available from Ranger Services or your local Fire Control Officer.


Building Protection Zones

If you live in a high risk bushfire area the City, Fire and Planning Authorities recommend a 20 metre Building Protection Zone be installed around your home to reduce the likelihood of flame contact during a bushfire.

Fuel load reduction methods may include pruning or removing:

  • Dead, dying and overhanging trees
  • Trees or bushes within 3 metres of the building
  • Trees under 3 metres dropping significant leaf litter
  • Tree branches hanging below 2 metres creating an understory fire risk.

If you would like help to understand and prioritise vegetation removal in line with bushfire prevention and tree preservation values, please contact  or phone 9550 3777.


Prohibited and Restricted Burning Period 



Fire Permits (Seasonal)

Permits are required for all fires. Please see important information below: 

Important Information

Council resolved to prohibit the burning of garden refuse/rubbish on the ground; in incinerators or by other methods in areas zoned urban or residential development. This resolution means that no person is permitted to burn garden refuse in an urban/residential zoned are at anytime during the year. If clarification is required, please contact Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email


Solid fuel barbecues or other recognised equipment used for heating or cooking at home can be used, but not on days when the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a fire danger forecast of catastrophic; extreme; or very high; or when the State Minister issues a total fire ban. Gas and electric barbeques are permitted at any time under certain conditions. Check before lighting up. Solid fuel camp fires within reserves or bush land areas are not permitted in the Mandurah district at any time of year.

Seasonal fire permits can be obtained from City of Mandurah - Administration Building, 3 Peel St, Mandurah Monday to Friday or Falcon e-Library and Community Centre weekdays. 


Fire permits are free, however you must apply in person for the original permit. Affected neighbours must be notified at least 24 hours prior to any burning taking place. The permit holder must comply with the conditions set out in the permit and be in attendance at the fire at all times.