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Coat of Arms

The Shield 

Mandurah's history, industry, and tourism are reflected in this shield. On a blue background rests the anchor which depicts the wreck of the James Service and on either side a crab and fish which are not only symbolic on Mandurah's early industry, but are also a major part of our local environment.

The Chief

A portion at the top of the shield is divided horizontally by a white wavy line to represent Mandurah's waterways and sitting above this, the City's two bridges. The City's allegiance to Western Australia is represented by the inclusion of the Black Swan.

The Crest

Pelicans have long been synonymous with Mandurah, so its inclusion was inevitable. However, in medieval legends the pelican was a symbol of self-sacrifice and maternal solicitude. This serves as a constant reminder of the care which should be shown in preserving Mandurah’s natural environment and its unique sense of community.

The Wreath

In heraldic terms, the Wreath was originally a twisted cloth simply used as a device to disguise the attachment of the Crest to the Helmet.

The Mantling

The blue and silver 'Livery Colours' of the Wreath are once again in the mantling. Heraldically, the Mantling is a cloth, scarf, or plume flowing from the Wreath.

The Helmet

Of 15th century origin, the Helmet was worn mainly during processions. Appropriately, Mandurah's Helmet is taken from a portion of the Peel Family Crest

The Crown

Once again, taken from the Peel Family Crest, the Crown symbolises allegiance to the Monarchy.

The Supporters

Tails resting on a ground of bricks to denote industry and growth, two dolphins stand guard over the Shield and surround the Templetonia flower, which was adopted as Mandurah's floral emblem owing to its abundant growth in the area.

The Motto

"Unae Mentis" meaning "Of one mind" is a motto which has stood for many years within the City of Mandurah's various crests.


The coat of arms was designed by Ursula McAtee, Jean Scott, and Committee