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National Broadband Network


Since the Australian Government’s National Broadband Network roll-out commenced in late 2011, Western Australia has continued the momentum of the NBN rollout with over 13,300 homes and business owners already connected to the NBN.


National Broadband Network program now passes approx 6,400 Mandurah homes and businesses. Mandurah greater City Centre, Meadow Springs, Silver Sands, San Remo and Madora Bay homes and businesses can now connect to the NBN and start experiencing the benefits of very fast broadband as the rollout continues throughout the City of Mandurah.

NBN fibre construction is planned in areas covering a further 12,800 premises in Halls Head, Dudley Park, Coodanup and Greenfields, which is set to come online within the next two years.The detailed maps showing the areas to be covered by the network are available at:
or call your preferred phone provider or internet company to find your availably. On average, it takes around 12 months from the start of construction until residents and business owners can access services over the NBN from phone and internet providers.

The NBN can open up opportunities for families and business owners to participate in the digital economy. Fast broadband can help deliver improved access to e-health resources, online education, teleworking opportunities, and entertainment on demand.

The NBN roll-out supports the City of Mandurah’s strategic objective of driving local and regional economic growth via a digital-based economy. This will also benefit members of our community with mobility difficulties to be able access services, information and remain connected.

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