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Strategic Plan

The City of Mandurah 20 Year Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033 is the result of five months of extensive community consultation, and will guide our community’s journey towards achieving a more sustainable Mandurah.

The Strategic Community Plan will shape the City of Mandurah’s strategic direction over the next two decades. The Plan will assist the City in its planning by ensuring that the activities and services that the City delivers are prioritised in line with expectations of our community.

The 20 Year Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033 not only guides the future projects and activities undertaken by the City of Mandurah, but also provides other levels of government and the business community with a clear view of the Mandurah community’s aspirations for its future.

The Strategic Community Plan advises how to confront the major challenges of the future, including addressing climate change and environmental pressures, improving education and economic outcomes, providing essential community infrastructure, and ensuring that we maintain the social fabric that makes Mandurah such a great place to live.

More specifically, the outcomes of the Plan have been incorporated into the City’s Four Year Corporate Business Plan, which outlines detailed actions to be undertaken by the City from 2014 to 2017. Effectively, the Corporate Business Plan sets in motion the 20 Year Strategic Community Plan.

The development of these plans was a requirement of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF), introduced in 2010/11, which provides the basis for improving strategic planning in local government.

The plan will help deliver on our vision to be a place where our community is proud, inspired, inclusive and innovative, where we respect our connections to the past and create a great future.

We would like to thank our community for your significant participation in developing the 20 Year Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033.

To view the 20 Year Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033, please click here.

To view the Four Year Corporate Business Plan, click here.