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Dudley Park

The locality of Dudley Park is named after Dudley Tuckey (1927-2008), a great-great grandson of John Tuckey, one of the original settlers in Mandurah. Dudley grew up in Mandurah and was actively involved in community life, serving in local government for 38 years and becoming the first Freeman of the City in 1984. He also served as mayor from 1991 to 1995. Dudley Park was part of the Tuckey acreage, where Dudley kept sheep until the 1950s when it was developed as the estate of 'Dudley Park'. It was approved as a locality name in 1989.

Borrungar Park is situated in Tasman Loop, Dudley Park. Borrungar is an Aboriginal word, generally meaning 'Spirit of the Totems' which recognises Richard Walley and his fellow artists who designed and installed totems in this park.

Waalitj Park is situated in Bass Lane, Dudley Park. This Aboriginal name translates to 'Eagle' and was the nickname of Frank Nannup (1936-2000) who was founder and chairman of the Winjan Corporation.

Walbanga Park is situated in Mariners Cove, Dudley Park. Walbanga was the tribal name of Mary Rose Walley, who was an elder of significance from the Binjareb tribe, which travelled extensively through the Mandurah district.

Soldiers Cove Reserve is situated on Soldiers Cove and Soldiers Cove Terrace, Dudley Park. The military set up base here during the early days of settlement to provide protection to the colonists.