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Graffiti vandalism is a criminal activity that involves the defacing of public property. It is a problem that causes unnecessary expense and insecurity in the community. Graffiti is a community problem with no single solution. The City of Mandurah works hard to ensure that we manage the graffiti problem in our community effectively. Prompt removal of graffiti is seen as best practice as it diminishes the level of recognition and reward achieved by vandals.


City buildings and facilities:

The City removes graffiti from any City building and infrastructure which it owns, manages or has responsibility for.


Private residential and commercial properties:

The City will NOT remove graffiti from residential or commercial properties. The removal of graffiti from these properties is the responsibility of the owner.


Private property boundary structures:

The City removes graffiti from private boundary structures abutting public reserves, public access ways and public roads where approved surface treatments have been applied. The City does not enter private propery to remove graffiti. 


Other agencies buildings or facilities:

The City will report graffiti on assets owned by other agencies to the relevant asset owner to enable them to remove the graffiti. Such agencies include Western Power, Telstra, Main Roads WA and the Department of Education and Training.


DIY Graffiti Removal Kits:

The City of Mandurah, in partnership with the WA Police, are supplying DIY Rapid Removal Kits to residents and businesses who are victims of graffiti vandalism to help reduce the effects of graffiti in our community.

If you would like more information about the DIY Rapid Removal Kits, please view the documents to the right or call the City of Mandurah on 9550 3777.


What the City of Mandurah is doing to reduce the incidence of graffiti:

  • Employment of specialised graffiti removal officers.
  • Implementation of a clean streets approach which aims to remove graffiti along major roads and streets in the City of Mandurah promptly.
  • Proactive reporting of graffiti by City staff.
  • Working in partnership with the WA Police to report incidents of graffiti through the Goodbye Graffiti website and/or phone number.
  • Encourage residents and developers to apply anti-graffiti coatings on walls and to consider different styles of fencing or the installation of shrubs and creepers, which deter graffiti.
  • Educating local primary schools about the costs and effects of graffiti through the support of programs such as “Constable Care”
  • Engage the community by advertising campaigns aimed at reporting and reducing graffiti.
  • Set conditions on development approvals which reflect the “Designing out Crime” principles.
  • The City of Mandurah has signed up to the Juvenile Justice Graffiti Clean-Up Program which is based on a restorative justice model.
  • Urban Arts Programs are organised by the Youth Development Team at the Billy Dower Youth Centre.
  • A mural art policy is being developed by the City’s Arts Team

To report graffiti: 


To continue to make the City of Mandurah a beautiful place to live, work and play, the City and the Police would appreciate your help. Reporting graffiti when it appears is important for prompt removal and to assist Police investigations.


Please report graffiti by phone on 1800 44 22 55 where a customer service operator will complete an incident report form on your behalf with the details you provide.


OR through the Goodbye Graffiti Website.

When you report through these options the City or relevant agency will be notified immediately so that the graffiti can be removed promptly.


If the graffiti is on private residential or commercial property, the owner is responsible for the removal however, the City of Mandurah would encourage the owner to:

  1. Assist the police with their investigations and photograph and retain the graffiti image should the police require it.
  2. Arrange for the removal of the graffiti. Professional help is available, check the yellow pages or business guide under “cleaning contractors” or “paint removal service”.

To prevent graffiti:


Following are tips on what you can do to prevent the occurrence of graffiti:

  • Good lighting makes your property more visible which helps people notice if any crime is being committed
  • Use plants that climb or screen large blank walls or natural fencing materials such as bamboo or brush reeds.
  • Use dark coloured building materials rather than light, evenly coated ones.
  • Use rough, textured materials for the surface of your walls
  • Use high density, low absorbency materials such as hard burnt bricks
  • When building, try to break up large surface areas into smaller panels
  • Use anti-coating surface coatings on high-risk hot spots, which will make removal easier.
  • Check with your local hardware store or the yellow pages for suitable products
  • Painted surfaces- the most effective method of removing graffiti is to repaint. Use the same colour paint so that it doesn’t look patchy.
  • Professional help is available: check the yellow pages or business guide under “cleaning contractors” or “paint removal service”.
  • Maintain your property. Poorly maintained areas attract graffiti vandals.
  •  Remove any graffiti as soon as possible. This reduces the likelihood of further graffiti attacks.


The Goodbye Graffiti website has further information and resources.


To remove grafitti:


Please go to the Goodbye Graffiti website for information on various methods to remove graffiti.