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Mosquito Management

The City of Mandurah is located within a unique ecosystem that is dominated by the Peel Harvey Estuary and it's associated river systems. This unique ecosystem supports an array of habitats that are home to a diverse number and species of plants and animals which are a highlight of the Peel Region. However it is important to recognise that this environment also provides salt marsh mosquitoes with ideal breeding conditions and habitat.

Many of these breeding sites are very close to residential areas. Mosquitoes can at times impact significantly on the health and lifestyle of residents and visitors to the City of Mandurah. Ross River and Barmah Forest virus cases are reported regularly in the Peel Region and can have serious effects on the health of those who contract them.

Due to the threat of mosquito borne diseases and the lifestyle impacts high numbers of mosquitoes can create, the City of Mandurah as a member of the Peel Mosquito Management Group undertakes an ongoing program to reduce mosquito populations for residents and visitors.

Each year a review of the program is undertaken to include possible improvements that may be implemented. This is provided to the Council as an Annual Report and is also available to the general public. You can download a copy of the annual report via the link at the top right of this page.

It is important to recognise that despite there being a mosquito management program in place those who reside and visit the Peel Region must take their own protective measures to avoid being bitten.