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Public Comment


Invitations for public comment are listed in the left side menu.

The City seeks the public's comments on a range of issues, with the aim to:

  • Inform citizens, groups, and organisations about specific decisions that are likely to affect their lives
  • Ensure all views are considered in planning and decision-making
  • Create joint visions that speak to multiple interests and concerns
  • Ensure processes and outcomes are understood
  • Ensure national and regional issues are accommodated into local decision-making
  • Initiate action to resolve issues and problems
  • Engage the community in identifying key issues.


Discussing proposals with the City

Proposals out for advertising will be made available for the duration of the public comment period. 

Proposals may be viewed between 8.15am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) at the City's Administration Centre without an appointment being made.

If you wish to discuss the proposal it is best to make an appointment to ensure the officer is available to meet.



Comments can be submitted to the City on any matter displayed for public comment.  Please ensure that your name and mailing address are included in your submission.  All submissions will be acknowledged in writing and receive full consideration in the review process.

Submissions should be written to clearly explain you viewpoint on the matter.  Long submissions should be set out into topics or sections to help cover all of your comments.  To help the City address your comments, please ensure your submission is relevant to the matter that is being advertised.

The City can accept a submission until the close of business, 4.30pm on the closing date.  If you feel you need more time to prepare your submission, please contact the City to arrange an alternative time and date to send in your comments.  A late submission may be considered at the discretion of the City of Mandurah, provided it is received prior to the proposal being determined.

Any submissions received can be made public.  Submissions will be included as attachments to Committee/Council agendas.


Advertising major developments

Major developments that are submitted to the City will be subject to public comment as part of the assessment process.  Major developments may be:

  • Precinct plans
  • Outline development plans
  • Local structure plans
  • Guide plans
  • Development applications.


What information will be advertised

Information submitted as part of a proposal shall be made available for inspection by the public.  This information includes plans, images, reports, and any other supporting information that was submitted as justification for the proposal.

Matters of a confidential or commercially sensitive nature will not be included as part of advertising.