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Mandurah City Centre Revitalisation Strategy

The $5.5million Mandurah City Centre Revitalisation Project commenced May 2010 and was completed in May 2011.

This enhancement project not only replaces and upgrades drainage and power services in the city centre, but also makes the area more attractive to visitors and residents and easier to move around.

This was achieved through the following project outcomes:  

  • More pedestrian friendly
  • Improved street parking
  • Improved storm water management
  • Improved streetscape
  • More aesthetically appealing
  • Greener streets

The City of Mandurah extends its appreciation to city centre visitors and business owners for their patience throughout the revitalisation works.

Key improvements made to the city centre include:

  • Stormwater upgrade
  • The drainage system has been upgraded and ‘rain gardens’ constructed to filter and improve stormwater quality.
  • Powerlines
  • Overhead powerlines have been removed and power installed underground.
  • Pavement works
  • Road and verge surfaces in Sholl Street and Tuckey Street have been constructed at the same level to improve pedestrian amenity.
  • Street light upgrade
  • Street lighting has been upgraded to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Verge works
  • Verges have been widened and paving upgraded to improve pedestrian movement in the city centre.
  • Landscaping
  • Trees and planted areas have been created to enhance the streetscape and create attractive, inviting shady streets.