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Off The Wall

February 19 – March 10


‘Off the Wall’ was opened by local MP David Templeman on Sunday the 19th February and catered for a crowd of 90 visitors during the course of the afternoon.

Mr. Templeman described both the work and the unusual concept as ‘remarkable’. Upon entering the gallery, the audience is faced with 226 individual drawings which have been curated to show on both the walls and the floor space of the gallery.

The placement of the art works challenges the viewers perception in relation to the traditional viewing of two dimensional artworks which is primarily on the walls.

‘Off the Wall’ also challenges the traditional procedure of purchasing artworks, allowing the public to use different sized view finders to select parts of individual artworks and cut out those pieces, therefore paying a lesser sale price than if they purchased the complete drawings.

Exhibiting artsist : Linda Jones, Carol Clitheroe, Heather Aurisch, Jill Fryer, Tich Dixon, Sheila Monahan, Debra Petit and Trudi Whitcher.

The exhibition will close on Saturday the 10th of March.