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The Lakes Lawn Cemetery is the only cemetery under the control of the City of Mandurah where new burials are accepted.  This cemetery is non-denominational therefore people of all religons are buried within all areas.

New burials take place in Casuarina Court with reopenings available in all sections of the cemetery.

Burials are usually coordinated by a funeral director, who contacts the City of Mandurah to make the appropriate arrangements. Sites can be chosen by the family or alternativley chosen by the cemetery officer.  A Grant of Right of Burial (see related documents) will be issued for the site once payment has been received.

Number of Interments

Each grave site has the capacity to receive up to four (4) interments with a maximum of three (3) burials:

  • Three (3) burials and one (1) cremation 
  • Two (2) burials and two (2) cremations

Burial Times

All funerals scheduled on a weekday are to be held between 9.00am and 3.00pm. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday funerals are to be held between 8.30am and 11.00am, and an additional fee is applicable for funerals held on these days.


The rotunda is available for services, no fees are charged for rotunda use. Please contact the cemetery office to check availablility.There are two power points located on either side of the rotunda the points are equipped for all weather.