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Public Works & Maintenance

Growing and Greening Mandurah


Linking Mandurah and Enhancing our Natural and Built Environment for the Well-being of the Local and Broader Community. 


Each time you take a stroll around a park, drive along the road, or wait at a bus shelter within the City of Mandurah, the Council's Works and Services directorate is serving you.


Works and Services is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the City's infrastructure needs, which includes the roads, stormwater drainage, parks, waste management and street lighting in your area.




Currently the City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of:

  • 665 km of sealed roads
  • 30 bridges (including traffic and pedestrian)
  • 14500 drainage pit structures
  • 420 km of concrete drainage pipes
  • 275 car parks
  • 440 km of footpaths

Along with the care and upkeep of approximately:

  • 91 hectares of Foreshore Area
  • 94 hectares of Bushland Area
  • 72 hectares of Irrigated Area
  • 220 Parks and Reserves
  • 20 Sports Grounds