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Water Reuse

Water reuse is a crucial component of sustainable water management in response to reducing rainfall, over extraction of groundwater and climate change in Mandurah. The City of Mandurah is reducing its reliance on scheme (drinking) and ground (bore) water by replacing it with lower grade sources for various applications. This is called fit for purpose water management.



Rainwater harvesting captures rainwater from roofs and surfaces for reuse. Rainwater can be used for irrigation, plumbed inside buildings to substitute scheme water and used as a drinking source*. The City of Mandurah uses rainwater to flush toilets inside the Administration and Civic Building and also for irrigation at the Falcon e-Library and Community Centre.
* Treatment may be required for certain applications




Greywater is water produced from the laundry and bathroom. Greywater reuse systems recycle water produced inside homes and buildings for irrigation of gardens. The City of Mandurah uses grey water for irrigation at the Sustainable Mandurah Home and the Lakelands Community Home.




The City of Mandurah has embarked on the first subdivision scale stormwater harvesting and reuse project in Western Australia at its Port Mandurah development. The underground system can hold 100 kilolitres of stormwater collected from nearby drains that is used to irrigate new parkland in the subdivision.



Wastewater Reuse

Two major wastewater reuse projects are underway in Mandurah which utilise treated wastewater to irrigate public open space. The Meadow Springs Regional Open Space and Seascapes parks are irrigated with treated wastewater. The wastewater is treated at the Gordon Road and Halls Head treatment plants where it is placed in infiltration ponds and seeps into the underground aquifer. The City has installed groundwater bores near these locations to pump the treated wastewater for irrigation of its parks. A wastewater reuse feasibility study has also been completed to assess the potential for sourcing wastewater for reuse in the future.



Stormwater Reuse Project at Egret Point
Stormwater Reuse Project at Egret Point