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Mayor's Welcome

The City of Mandurah, stunning in its natural beauty with waterways, foreshores and open spaces, no wonder people want to stay!

Mandurah remains one of the fastest-growing regional councils in Australia, and while the city is still a popular destination for retirees, the number of young families moving to Mandurah continues to grow steadily.

I believe that one of the reasons people of all ages choose to live in Mandurah, is its community cohesion and connectedness.

Mandurah has a solid community spirit that is often hard to achieve in a city of this size.

Whether it’s volunteering at one of our many great events during the year or helping out a neighbour during bad weather, Mandurah people are keen to lend a hand in their community.

The City conducted a comprehensive community consultation in 2012 as part of our 20 Year Strategic Community Plan. Our community highlighted five key priorities in shaping and developing Mandurah’s future.

The environment, economy, infrastructure, identity and social issues are the main drivers that our community wants to address. The City will support these outcomes by focussing on Leadership and Organisational Excellence.

The Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033 was developed to become the guiding document for the City’s and the community’s journey towards achieving our needs and aspirations to create a more sustainable Mandurah.

This strategy and the priorities within it will assist the City in its planning by ensuring that the activities and services delivered are prioritised in line with the expectations of the community.

The City’s four-year Corporate Business Plan will set the Community Plan into motion. It outlines what the City intends to deliver in the next four years to achieve the community’s aspirations, on the journey towards a more vibrant and sustainable Mandurah.

The public consultation, community plan and corporate plan demonstrate that the City is ready, willing and able to listen to the community’s hopes and concerns, and turn them into deliverable actions.

The community is encouraged to join the conversation via, Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you think and how our great city can become even better.

I am looking forward to working with the community to help Mandurah grow and evolve into an even better place to live.

Mayor Marina Vergone
City of Mandurah