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Signage plays a vital role for business and other organisations including the City of Mandurah to help identifying the location and what can be found at certain places. The over use of signage however can also reach a point where signs become ineffective as well as having a negative impact on the amenity of an area. Inappropriately located signs may also create a hazard to pedestrians and road users.


In order to ensure that signage is used to its best advantage, organisations, businesses and property owners are encouraged to keep signage to a minimum and focus more on providing short, distinct signage and branding through the use of limited number of words and suitable contrasting colours and text that make signs distinct and clearly legible. The use of street numbering on a building or on another structure at the property line or both, in clear and legible numbers is also strongly encouraged, as another means to assist the public in finding a property or place.


For all of the above reasons, the City has developed legislation to help control the placement of signs. Before installing a sign you must first ensure that you obtain the necessary approval, though it should be noted that there are some exemptions provided where an approval is not required. The main pieces of legislation that control signs within the City of Mandurah are:

Note: While a sign may be exempt from the need for a planning approval under the City's Town Planning Scheme, you may still require an approval under the Local Laws and a Building Licence may also need to be obtained.


Your sign application process

Because of the varied purpose of signs and different pieces of legislation, there are a number of different sections within the City who you will need to refer to in respect to your sign proposal.


Please see below to determine who you need to contact or send information to. It is recommended that you make contact with the relevant sections below if you are unsure.