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TravelSmart, a program run by the Department of Transport and supported by the City of Mandurah, encourages people to reduce car trips in favour of alternatives such as walking, cycling, and public transport.



What you can do to be Travelsmart

Making small changes in your travel choices can make a big difference. By simply choosing to walk, cycle, carpool or use public transport instead of driving your car for one or two trips per week, you can save time and money, boost your health and help the environment.

Travelsmart Tips

  • Encourage children to walk or ride their bike to school or walk or ride with them.
  • Carpool to work - share petrol costs with colleagues and reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • Encourage the family to walk or ride to the local shops, park or the beach.
  • Set up a car share roster with your neighbors and take it in turns to drive the kids to school.
  • Organise a family excursion to Perth on the bus or train.
  • Tele work from home one day each week.
  • Don’t drink and drive - use public transport for a night out.
  • Use public transport to get to work and catch up on some reading.  

Travelsmart Programs

TravelSmart has specific programs for schools, households and workplaces. For more information about these programs please visit the Department of Transport's TravelSmart webpage at 

The Benefits of Being Travelsmart

Being TravelSmart has many benefits for you, your community and your environment. These include: 

  • Reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Less traffic, noise and pollution in local streets. 
  • Improved health from physical activity (cycling and walking – including to and from the bus stop or train station). 
  • Improved personal security (with more ‘eyes on the street’ from people walking and cycling). 
  • Greater contact between people and a rebuilding of a sense of community. 
  • Savings in car running costs. 
  • Fewer road incidents.