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Verge Development

What is a verge?

The verge is the area of land that runs alongside the road way and is part of the road reserve. This land is set aside for service utilities, public pathways and future road works. To increase the amenity of the streetscape, many verges are developed by the property owner, which not only enhances the street's appearance but also can complement the resident's own home.


Maintenance of verges where an owner develops a verge

It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the verge adjacent to their property in a manner that provides a safe environment for pedestrians and other users of the road reserve. This can sometimes involve corner blocks, rural verges, which can be quite extensive or areas which are to the rear of a property. All of these are covered by the same conditions regardless of the size or location of the verge. 

Trees that are located on the verge are maintained by the City, please refer to Street and Verge Trees.

It is recommended that property owners keep grasses and gardens in good condition if the owner desires to have the presentation at their preferred level. The Council will only carry out general maintenance items such as pruning back of unsafe vegetation for vehicular sight on corners and driveways where the property owner neglects to do so. 

There are some verges throughout the City that the Council does maintain. These are generally public areas, verges adjacent to reserves and high visibility areas which the City maintains at a higher level. It is intended that weeds and grasses are mowed two times per year to reduce the risks involved with vision or fire hazards. 


If you are interested in developing your verge please refer to the City's Street Verge Development information sheet.


Verge collections

Verge collections are carried out at nominated times of the year for green waste and bulk rubbish. To view collection times in your area, please click on the Verge Collection icon under 'Handy Links' on this page.