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Help Using Our Site

The help using our site information page is here to help you with questions you may have about getting information or services from the City of Mandurah, finding resources on our website or using this site more effectively. 


Navigating Our Site?

The City of Mandurah website uses a fly-out navigator across the top of our page to help you find your way around the website. As you move your mouse over the menus along the top such as ‘Discover Mandurah’, ‘About Council’ etc. drop down menu items will be shown, you can use these menus to take you to different areas of our site. These drop down menus will always be visible on all pages of our site.

Once you have left the home page you will also find a hierarchical menu box down the left hand side of the screen? This will show you other pages that are in the section that you are currently browsing.

Just below the title of each page you will also find a bread crumb trail, this means that as you step from page to page, drilling deeper into more specific topics, the bread crumb trail tells you how you got there and naturally how to get back.

At the bottom of every page is a menu bar. This menu bar remains throughout your surfing experience and will give you quick access to important pages and items such as our address and contact details.

To return to the 'Home' page at any time simply click on the City of Mandurah logo at the top left corner of the page.



At the top right corner of each page you will find a search function here you can enter keywords to do a search for information that you are looking for. You can also click on advance, to further refine your search.


Service Requests


On the top left of every screen under the 'Discover Mandurah' drop down list, you will find  the words
'Can We Help?' if you click on these words a link will open underneath that will allow you to choose the type of service request that you require. Then press next and you will be taken to a form that allows your put in information  about the type of service you'd like the City to provide.


Community Finder

On the top left of every screen under the 'Careers' drop down list you will find the words 'Community Finder' if you click on these words a link will open underneath that will allow you to use our community finder search facility. Here you can use a keyword to search all catagories or using the tabs along the top you can search just a spacific catagory  like 'Education and Childcare''. to further narrow your search you can also select 'Advanced Search Options and this will allow you to narrow your search down to spacific locations such as 'Dudley Park'.


Our sitemap provides a hierarchical overview of the entire site. You may find this useful if you have trouble finding the information you require via any of the methods above.

You can find other important information regarding our site at these locations.

  • Copyright - information on using the resources you will find on this site
  • Legal rights - your rights and responsibilities when using the information you can find on this website
  • Privacy and security - information about your visit and the electronic protection available on Commission websites
  • Accessibility - information about how the Commission is trying to make this site available to everyone
  • Site search - use our search page to find what you are looking for