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Animal Control

All dogs are welcome in Mandurah. Owners are responsible for ensuring their dog is registered and is not allowed to wander at large in public places.


Rangers patrol all beaches, reserves and foreshores to encourage a safe environment for the community and its animals. Rangers are authorised to investigate and enforce breaches of the Dog Act 1976.


Common Complaints


A dog attack can take many forms, from a person or animal being chased and growled at, to a physical contact resulting in the death of an animal or serious injury to a person. All attacks should be reported to Ranger Services, regardless of the severity of the attack. All complaints are confidential. A dog that has shown the propensity to attack may be declared as a Dangerous Dog and be subject to additional control requirements e.g. muzzled in public. For more information see this information sheet on responding to dog attacks in the community.



Neighbours are encouraged to speak to dog owners if they are concerned about excessive barking. To assist with the communication, ranger services have created the 'Bark Card', a friendly card that can be left in a dog owners letter box, advising of the noise concern. The card can be used confidentially if preferred.


If the barking continues to be unreasonable after the use of the 'Bark Card', residents are encouraged to contact ranger services. A ranger will then liaise with the dog owner and provide suggestions on how the barking may be reduced. Rangers are currently limited in their powers in relation to dog barking and do not have the authority to remove a dog from it's residence.


Dog Excreta

Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs, they are encouraged to provide their own poo bags and not be reliant on those in parks, as they are often stolen/misused. Failure to pick up after your dog in public may result in a $100 fine. For Dogs Sake! Pick it up brochure


Dog Wander

Dogs must be held by a leash in all public places, unless in an approved Dog Exercise Area.


Dog Stray

Rangers recieve thousands of calls about stray dogs each year, resulting in around 700 impoundments a year. This could easily be avoided if all fences and gates were secure, and all dogs wearing ID.

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