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Management Plans

The City of Mandurah is home to a number of reserves which encompass a variety of environments from wetlands, coastal and estuarine foreshores through to coastal heaths and woodlands. In order to ensure that these reserves are managed effectively to maximise both their conservation and passive recreational values, the City has prepared detailed management plans the objectives of which are to:
  • Protect and conserve the natural values of the environment including vegetation and fauna habitats.
  • Promote the area as a conservation, recreation and education resource for the use and enjoyment of the local community.
  • Provide sustainable access for passive recreational use.
  • Outline a long-term strategy for the management of existing vegetation and habitat and implementation of restoration strategies.
  • Raise public awareness and understanding of the values of bushland, wetlands and foreshore areas and the issues associated with their management.
  • Encourage community involvement in the management and a sense of community ownership of the wetland and
  • Identify management and implementation responsibilities.

New developments adjacent to reserves have the potential to have a negative impact on their health. By drawing more people to the area, greater pressure is placed on the natural environment. Greater movement by people has the ability to increase erosion and result in the destruction of vegetation. In some situations, where this increased pressure cannot be adequately absorbed into current management actions, developers may be required to prepare and implement management plans for areas or foreshore, bushland or wetland which shall be impacted upon by a proposed development. These plans are prepared in accordance with the City of Mandurah Management Plan Proforma, reviewed by officers and released for public comment to ensure that the plan prescribes the best management practices possible.


Management Plans
Management Plans