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Foreshore Management Plans

The City of Mandurah is committed to the protection of Mandurah’s beautiful waterways. To do this it is imperative that the foreshores adjacent to the waterways are developed, managed and maintained in a manner that provides for the protection of natural values that help to filter pollutants from our urban development and activities, provide habitat for our local and visiting international waterbirds as well as provide a range of recreational activities for our community and its visitors.


Where a development is approved in an area that is adjacent or near a foreshore area, it is generally a requirement that the developer to prepare and implement a Foreshore Management Plan. The intent of the plan is to ensure that the impact of the development is minimised to protect the foreshore area while allowing people to appreciate and recreate in the area. The developer is generally responsible for implementing the plan and once the plan is complete to the City of Mandurah's satisfaction [called ‘practical completion’] the developer is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the area, normally a period of three years. After this maintenance period it is the City of Mandurah's responsibility for ongoing management and maintenance.


The City of Mandurah's 'Foreshore Management Plan Preparation - procedure and pro-forma’ document provides consistency and clarity to developers, streamlines the process, and enables ongoing asset management and monitoring in accordance with the City of Mandurah's systems. Foreshore plans that are not in accordance with the pro-forma document are not accepted. Please contact the City of Mandurah's EcoServices team for a copy of the procedure and proforma document.


Foreshore management
Foreshore management



The procedure for the preparation and implementation of Foreshore Management Plans includes details of the City of Mandurah's responsibilities and that of the applicant in respect of:

  • Preliminary site visit and guidance from Council officers.
  • Preparation of the draft plan.
  • Advertising and endorsement.
  • Implementation.
  • Practical completion and auditing and
  • Maintenance period.



The pro-forma sets out exactly what is required within the Foreshore Management Plan, including the table of contents, figures, tables and attachments. It also details what methodologies are required to ensure that the information, such as vegetation mapping, is provided in a way that is consistent with the City of Mandurah's Geographical Information System and Ecological Assessments. The plan includes the following areas:

  • Background, purpose, vesting and land use.
  • Success criteria, monitoring program, audit program.
  • History (European and Indigenous).
  • Landform, topography and soils.
  • Hydrogeology.
  • Fire management and maintenance access.
  • Recreation.
  • Flora and vegetation (survey, condition, weed management, disease, rehabilitation and restoration).
  • Fauna and
  • Erosion.