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Road Management Responsibilities


State Owned Main Roads

Traffic enquiries regarding the following roads:

  • Pinjarra Road (East of Mandurah Road)
  • Old Coast Road
  • Mandurah Road

should be addressed to Main Roads Western Australia.


Local Roads

Traffic enquiries regarding all other roads within the City should be addressed to the City.


Traffic Signals / Signalised Pedestrian Crossing

Enquires regarding all traffic signals and signalised pedestrian crossings should be referred to Main Roads Western Australia.


Regulatory Road Signs

Regulatory signage, which incorporates stop, giveway, no u-turn, no left turn, no right turn and speed signs are the responsibility of Main Roads Western Australia. Enquires regarding regulatory signage within the City should be referred to Main Roads Western Australia.




Any concerns regarding hoon behaviour / dangerous driving should be addressed to WA Police or alternatively complete the online form


Reporting Hoon Behaviour


To report hoon behaviour/dangerous driving please call WA Police on 13 14 44

All calls are treated confidentially.


What to report:

  • description of behaviour, eg: speeding, drag racing, burnouts, etc
  • description of driver                
  • day and time of behaviour                                                          
  • location of behaviour
  • vehicle registration
  • vehicle make, model
  • vehicle colour