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Sustainable Development

Role Summary

The Director, Sustainable Development:

  • Leads, mentors, manages and develops the Sustainable Development teams.
  • Contributes to the strategic development of the City.
  • Delivers a range of planning and development programmes and services that align with the objectives of the City’s Strategic Plan.
  • Maintains comprehensive statutory planning, strategic planning, environment, climate change, building, development compliance, environmental health, land management, rangers, emergency management services, and tourism and economic development best practices.


Teams Under Directorate:

Natural & Built Environment

Building & Development Compliance Services

  • Building Licences
  • Demolition Approvals
  • Investigate for compliance with building and planning requirements


  • Natural Areas Management Plans
  • Friends of Groups
  • Environmental Planning
  • State of the Environment Report

Climate Change Services

  • Corporate and Community Greenhouse Emissions
  • Response to Climate Change
  • Sustainable Mandurah Home
  • Peron Naturaliste Partnership
  • Coastal Adaptation – Research and Policy Development

Environmental Health Services

  • Food Premises
  • Water Sampling
  • Noise Compliance
  • Mosquitoes

Rangers & Emergency Management Services

  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Parking Control
  • Emergency Management 
Planning & Land Services

Land Administration 

  • Licences & Leases 
  • Road and Public Access Way Closures 
  • Management of City’s Freehold Land

Statutory Planning
 Assessment of: 

  •  Development Applications 
  •  Subdivision Referrals 
  •  Outline Development Plans 
  •  Development Guide Plans

Strategic Planning 

  • Policy Development 
  • Precinct Planning 
  • TPS3 Amendment & Review 
  • Development of Local Planning Strategy 
Economic Development

Tourism & Business Support 

  • Destination Management
  • Destination Planning 
  • Destination Development 
  • Destination Marketing
  • City Centre growth 
  • Business liaison 

 Economic Development 

  • Strategic Industries Development


Directorate Objectives

To create a vibrant City through partnerships and innovation by facilitating the highest quality sustainable development for Mandurah.