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Compact Fluorescent Lamp or Tubes (CFLs) Recycling Program

Compact Fluorescent Lamps or Tubes are energy saving fluorescent globes designed to replace the traditional incandescent (filament) light bulbs. The difference in the way they work is the secret to their energy efficiency. They work in much the same way as fluorescent tubes, but in a more useable compact, bulb-like shape.

Many households have already replaced their globes and tubes with CFLs and those who haven’t, will do so as incandescent globes reach the end of their life.

Why change to CFLs?


CFLs save around 80% of energy used for lighting when compared to an incandescent bulb. They are also 100% recyclable making them a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

With lighting accounting for around 12% of all electricity in the home, the Government decided to phase out incandescent bulbs by restricting sales in favour of CFLs in order to save energy and reduce pollution. Incandescent bulbs can no longer be purchased.

All the materials used to manufacture CFLs can be recycled into new products including, glass wool insulation for buildings, dental amalgam (fillings), fertilisers and aluminium foundry products.

CFLs are completely recyclable however they CANNOT be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin.

How can I recycle my CFLs?


As they contain very small amounts of mercury vapour (3-5mgs), CFLs must be collected separately to prevent them from breaking and to ensure they are recycled correctly.

Advances in recycling technology allow mercury-bearing CFLs and fluorescent tubes to be safely and completely recycled.

To prevent hazardous mercury ending up in our environment it is important these globes and tubes do not go into your household recycling or rubbish bins.

If a CFL breaks, follow these safety tips:

  • If indoors, ventilate the area
  • Remain at a safe distance for 15 minutes
  • Do not vacuum! Using gloves, place the broken glass into a sealed container for disposal in the general rubbish bin
  • Use damp paper, or sticky tape on carpet, to pick up the finer particles and place in a sealed container for disposal

Where do I take my CFLs for recycling?


Please take your unbroken CFLs and tubes to the Waste Management Centre. The staff will instruct you where to safely leave your CFLs. From here they will be safely transported off-site to be fully recycled.

Waste Management Centre


    Lot 10 Gordon Road 
    Meadow Springs 
    7.00AM – 4.00PM Mon-Fri 
    8.00AM – 5.00PM Weekends and Public Holidays 
    (Closed Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday) 
    Phone 9582 0147 

    Please note: fees apply for commercial quantities

For further information please view the Compact Fluorescent Lamps brochure here.