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Our People & Our Culture



our culture

At the City of Mandurah we have invested heavily in our people, systems and processes in order to build a positive culture that reflects our vision - vibrant, prosperous, connected and sustainable... excited about our future.

To grow with our business, our people share that vision, align their behaviours to our values and pursue a standard of excellence that constantly challenges the status quo.

The key to building a constructive culture is our core values, which guide our decisions and underpin how we prefer to go about our work. We therefore make every effort to:

  • Enable confidence by giving our people the authority, resources and opportunity to perform at their best. 
  • Build trust through celebration, support and encouragement of individual effort. 
  • Treat our customers and colleagues with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • Act with integrity by ethical behaviours and practices that demonstrate what we say and what we do are one.

Reward for our people is much more than that which is found in a pay packet. It comes from knowing their efforts have made a difference; that personal growth and outstanding performance is only realised through optimising the potential of the individual; and that developing meaningful and respectful relationships brings both individual satisfaction and organisational success.

Building upon our investment towards a positive culture is not something that is considered as ‘nice to do’ but rather as the way we do things around here’.